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Frequently Asked Questions

The systems I use to do my work are very slow or not functioning at all. What should I do about that?

Discuss with your supervisor or manager who can advise as to next steps.

I have questions regarding the security of my personal information. Is my personal data at risk? 

Our cyber security experts have confirmed that the personal data of campus users is secure and not at risk of misuse.

Will this systems outage impact being paid on time?

Please review the Payroll Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. The Finance team has strong business continuity plans in place to ensure continuity of our payroll systems so that all staff receive their pay as regularly scheduled.

Are requisitions, vendor invoices, payments and expense reports still being processed? 

Yes, UWinsite Finance is fully functioning, and staff can continue to process requisitions, vendor invoices and expense reports as normal. Vendors will be paid as usual. Please use this link to access UWinsite Finance.

Are our personal computers at home vulnerable when connected to the University using Microsoft 365? 

At this stage in our investigation, our IT team has advised us that all Microsoft 365 products (Teams, Outlook, etc.) are functioning and are subject to a multi-factor authentication system. In consultation with our cybersecurity experts, at present we have no reason to believe these types of connectivity are unsafe.

I can’t use the Attendance Calendar. How should I report absence, OT and other scheduling issues? 

The Attendance Calendar is now back online.

Is internet access on campus affected? 

Internet access has been restored, however the use of GlobalProtect VPN is strongly recommended. In addition, SentinelOne may be required in order to access campus services due to additional security requirements. For details regarding security requirements for access on both University-owned and personal devices, please see this article.

Has any material stored on the university servers been compromised and/or permanently lost? 

The investigation is currently ongoing and we are determining the extent to which systems and data may have been impacted. We are using industry-standard security measures to ensure that our information systems and data are secured. Our cyber security experts have confirmed that the personal data of campus users is secure and not at risk of misuse.

I'm having technical issues not related to the systems outage. Can I submit a ticket to IT Services?

Yes. Visit this page to do so.

Several of my co-workers have been permitted to work from home. What is the reasoning? 

Managers and Supervisors have been advised to ensure departments continue to provide quality student services. In some instances, remote work (as permitted through the Flexible Work Arrangements program) has been authorized as the most efficient method of maintaining the University’s commitment to student services. All campus offices providing staff services including human resources and payroll as well as student-facing services remain open. 

I need mental health support. How can I access support? 

Faculty and staff can access free, confidential support through the employee assistance program, Lifeworks, which offers professional and confidential counselling and information services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no referral needed. Please visit the Lifeworks website or call 1-800-387-4765.

The parking lot gates are open. Can I park in those lots? 

Parking services staff continue to monitor lots. Please continue to utilize parking services in the same manner as you have previously.

What is SentinelOne and why am I being asked to install it?

As part of our continuing efforts to restore impacted campus services, SentinelOne security software is being enabled on all University-owned computers.  

SentinelOne provides robust threat detection and response features to end-point users and is required to support the restoration process. Find which instructions apply to you if you have a university-owned computer:  

  •  Individuals with a university-owned computer with a Windows operating system that is enrolled in the University’s Device Management program should have received an automatic update and will need to restart their computer to enable the software when prompted. Please follow the instructions in the KBA to see if SentinelOne is installed on your system.  
  • Individuals with a university-owned Mac computer or a university-owned computer with a Windows operating system that is not enrolled in the University’s Device Management program, will need to open a ticket to have SentinelOne installed with the help of the IT Service Desk. In the coming days, Service Desk will offer a remote Teams session to assist with the installation of SentinelOne.  

For SentinelOne assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk by opening a ticket, call 519-253-3000 ext. 4440, or select the chat icon in the bottom right corner of   

Where can I find the latest news about the outage?

Visit the homepage for the latest updates regarding the system outage.

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